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Systematic Theology

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A student opens his first lecture in systematic theology by saying that "the actual identity of systematic theology must be re-discovered and must be newly appreciated together with the elements of the signs of the times"

- Celestine Ezeoke
PhD. student (Sys. Th)

Head of Department

Systematic theology occupies a pre-eminent place in the Faculty of Theology at CIWA. Historically, the department of Started alongsides with the dept. of Biblical and Pastoral Theology in 1981 and affiliated with the University of Calabar in 1988. The department enjoys a progressive growth in headship.

This department offers course at the PG level. These courses are systematically designed to prepare students for a career in teaching. Students are prepared to teach courses in systematic theology in the seminaries and tetiary institutions in the West Africa Sub-region.

Our guiding principles are containted in the words of Gaudium et SpesLiving with the Signs of the Times. The actual character and identity of Systematic Theology in CIWA must be re-discovered and be newly appreciated together with the signs of the times in Gaudium et Spes.


STh 5011 - Post-graduate - 4 Semester

STh 5341 - Post-graduate - 4 Semester

STh 5521 - Post-graduate - 4 Semester

STh 5382 - Post-graduate - 4 Semester

STh 5262 - Post-graduate - 4 Semester


Nwaigbo, F. (March/June, 2015) 'The youth between the two cities of St. Augustine: Youth empowerment and integral development of the human person', AFER, Vol 57, No. 1 & 2.


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