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Sacred Liturgy


Candidates in Sacred Liturgy are required to acquire a holistic knowledge of this branch of theology which deals with the life of worship in the Catholic Church. The Sacred Liturgy Department studies liturgy as a science with proper methodology. The Department offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters, Licentiate and Doctorate) levels. Contact us to learn more.


Courses for Undergraduate Degree:

RES 117          Introduction to Religious Worship

RES 217          Ancient Church History

RES 218          Medieval & Contemporary Church History

RES 327          Principles and Norms of Christian Worship

RES 423          Religion and Art in African Culture               


Courses for Postgraduate Levels, Masters/Licentiate Degrees:

LIT 5011 Liturgical Methodology:

The course studies how to write a scientific research, liturgical textual criticism and hermeneutics of liturgical texts. It focuses on liturgy as a science, with a proper methodology, methodological criticism of liturgical documents, internal and external criticisms of liturgical materials, hermeneutics of liturgical documents, for instance, Biblical texts, Patristic and Euchological texts, and finally, global interpretation of the liturgical themes. Equally, it discusses the liturgical books in relation to their origin, history, development and theology. It examines the sources of liturgical tradition as working instruments for other studies. Other available courses are:

LIT 5041         Gestures and Postures in the Liturgy

LIT 5131         History of the Liturgy According to Cultural Epochs

LIT 5111         Introduction to Eastern Liturgies                   

LIT 5211         Theology of Liturgy                                      

LIT 5311         Rites of Christian Initiation                           

LIT 5341         Rites of Reconciliation

LIT 5421         Liturgical Buildings/Edifices                          

LIT 5521         Liturgy and Bible/Liturgical Homily

LIT 5381         Rite of Virginity and Religious Profession

LIT 5371         Rite of Matrimony

LIT 5411         Principles of Liturgical Inculturation

LIT 5021         Liturgical Laws and Ceremonies

LIT 5451         Liturgy and Christian Responsibility

LIT 5321         Current Liturgical Problems

LIT 5511         Liturgy and Sources

LIT 5061         Pastoral Liturgy

LIT 5261         Liturgy and Ecology

LIT 5431         Order of Dedication of Church and Altar

LIT 5541         Creation of Rites As Alternative

LIT 5132         Theology of the Liturgical Year

LIT 5032         Liturgical Celebration and Community Building (Seminar)

LIT 5092         Signs and Symbols in Worship          

LIT 5222         Liturgy and Pneumatology

LIT 5242         Liturgy and Ecumenism

LIT 5112         Introduction to Western Liturgies                                                     

LIT 5352         Rites of Anointing and Pastoral Care of the Sick

LIT 5162         Patristic Liturgical Literature                         

LIT 5252         Liturgy and Mariology                                              

LIT 5142         Cult of the Saints and Ancestors                               

LIT 5362         Rite of Priestly Ordination

LIT 5062         Liturgical Spirituality

LIT 5392         Death and Christian Funeral Rites


Courses for Doctorate Degree:

LIT 6011 Liturgical Methodology:

Candidates for the doctorate degree in Sacred Liturgy are required to examine the different scientific approaches adopted in the study of sacred liturgy and the relation of this subject to other branches of theology. Other available courses are:

LIT 6111         Liturgical Year in the non-Roman Western Liturgies

LIT 6121         Rite of Penance in the Oriental Churches

LIT 6131         Celebration of the Liturgy of the Word

LIT 6141         Ad Celebratione Paschale Sacramentum

LIT 6151         Relationship between the Eucharist and Liturgy of the Hours (West)

LIT 6162         Charisms and Ministries in the NT

LIT 6152         Holy Spirit and Eucharist

LIT 6172         Liturgical Assembly and Mystery of the Church

LIT 6182         Celebrating in the Holy Spirit

LIT 6191         Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours

LIT 6211         Current Liturgical Problems

LIT 6222         Liturgy and Liberation

LIT 6231         Inculturation of the Liturgy of the Hours (West)

LIT 6241         Liturgical Inculturation of "De Benedictionibus"

LIT 6251         Liturgical Inculturation of "De Ordinatione Diaconi, Presbyteri et Episcopi"

LIT 6261         Liturgical Inculturation of "Ordo Lectionum Missae"

LIT 6272         Prefaces of the "Missale Romanum" of Paul VI



Lecturers in the Department:

Rev. Fr. Prof. Patrick C. Chibuko (HOD)

Rev. Fr. Prof. Austin Echema

Rev. Fr. Dr. Emmanuel C. Anagwo