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At CIWA, we've got several academic departments offering a range of courses at different levels from certificate to Licenciate & PhD.


For further information and enquires contact:

Admissions Officer,

Catholic Institute of West Africa, (CIWA) Port Harcourt

Send an email to office: ciwaregistrar@yahoo.co.uk or registrar@ciwafrica.org

Offline: Visit office of the Registrar for application form

Tel: 0803 392 6089

Postal Address

Office of the Registar
Catholic Institute of West Africa
Port Harcourt
P.O Box 499


Fees and Financing

Information and advice about tuition fees, accommodation costs and a guide to budgeting for your living costs,  as well as sources for financial assistance (where available) including scholarships, prizes and awards and international opportunities. For more on financing opportunities, you might need to contact the office of the registrar.

The Department of Biblical Studies is a center for scientific research, deeper understanding and teaching of the Bible. Find out more about Biblical Studies at CIWA

The department of Systematic Theology at CIWA explores the meaning, interrelatedness, and claims to truth of the Christian tradition's basic expressions of faith. Learn all about studying Systematic Theology at CIWA.

The Center for Studies of African Culture and Communications (CESACC) offers degrees at the first and second cylces. Find out more

The department of Liturgy focuses on advancing the study and understanding of christian worship. Information on studying Sacred Liturgy at CIWA

The department of Canon Law focuses on the study and promotion of ecclesiastical judical disciplines within the context of the church and the molding of students in the spirit of Church Law.

The department of Pastoral/Spirituality offers courses at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Learn more about Pastoral/Spirituality at CIWA

The Department of Moral Theology offers various courses in the field of moral theology to students of the First Cycle in the Faculty of Theology.